Prairie Wind

“We can't change the wind

We can't change the sky

But we all try ... ”

A song for the Matriarchs in my life

Prairie Wind is a difficult song for me to play live. I wrote it for two of my aunts–one who we lost to cancer and the other, whose partner left her in a mean way. To me, it felt like losing an aunt and uncle in the same year and although the losses were not nearly equivalent, the fact that they happened at the same time, compounded my feelings of loss. I was heartbroken and the song fed off of that. 

Then, as I was preparing to launch the album, I lost my incredible grandmother, Ingrid Kaldor. My grandmother was an amazing woman. She lived to 103 and still lived in the house my mother grew up in. She entertained, she painted prairie skies like no one else and she loved deeply. Although she is missing the launch, I am blessed to have had the opportunity to play the album for her before she passed. She particularly like Prairie Wind (and told me Dancing Back to Back was, “too loud”, but I digress). Now, when I play the song, I also think of her.

With our matching Norwegian Sweaters

On the Farm

by Ingrid Kaldor

Yes they are real stamps. My mom gifted her stamps made from her 100th birthday picture and she loved sending letters with them to all the grandkids.

By Ingrid Kaldor

In her Back Yard

by Ingrid Kaldor

My dad showing her around the farm

Like Grandma used to make

Connie Kaldor

And finally, I could not end an hommage to my matriarchs without thanking my mother. This song is deeply indebted to my mother, Connie Kaldor, a juno award winning singer-songwriter and indebted to the prairies she grew up in. She is the best songwriter I have ever come across and I endeavor to write songs like her one day. She has an incredible discography of 15 albums and counting, and although songs like Wood River and Bird on a Wind are canadian classics, I thought I would share her song 'Grandmother's song'. My mom wrote it about her own grandmother when she was around my age. The song still floors me today and feels fitting to share here.

Grandmother's Song by Connie Kaldor:

SOLO Video Version

In this live video take, you will see my mother’s nine foot Baldwin grand piano. It’s the piano that is in her living room and home studio and the piano I used to write the song.

Thank you

If you are lucky enough to have a mother/parental figure in your life, please call them and tell them you love them.

A special thank you to my aunts Aline, Solange, Suzanne, Carmen, Annette, Michelle, Karen, Diane, Leslie, Sandra, my grandmother Ingrid and my mother Connie. 

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