When I Close my Eyes

“With vivid colours

lighting up the skies”


When I listen to When I Close my Eyes, I can’t help but think of my late mentor, Didier Lockwood, because of how integral the looping is to the structure of the song. Didier was known for having mastered the loop station, but most importantly is known as a virtuosic violinist. He was actually a violin child prodigy and a student of Stephane Grapelli. Didier quickly made a name for himself with electric violin playing jazz fusion with his involvement in the experimental band Magma. He had such a unique style and whenever I’d see him play live, I couldn't help but think that was exactly how the violin was intended to be played.

Didier Lockwood

When I Close my Eyes

See how I I adapted the album soundscapes and made good use of my loop station.

SOLO Video Version


My time studying with Didier was incredibly formative. It not only provided for great musical training, but my time in Paris was the first time that I had lived away from home (I have included proof below of me at Notre Dame and me eating a croissant on the escalators of the metro, haha). During the two years I lived in Paris, I even wrote a love song called Sweet Talk as an ode to the great Sam Cooke (video linked belwo). I even got to record a version of it in Paris and then perform it at the great Petit Journal Montparnasse!

Sweet Talk

Let's get technical

In case you’re curious about the technical side or are perhaps even interested in looping, I thought I would share a little bit about my setup (even though it may be a very niche audience). For those interested, I have made a document that lists all the details of my pedal board–including my instruments, the pickups I use and even the rationale behind it. And, for those starting out, I have included some tips on where to start looking for a violin pickup, pre-amp, amp, and effects.  Happy looping!

My Gear

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